15 People, 3 Apartments, and One Week in Ibiza Part II

Continuing from Part IEveryone started getting the free sangria on the boat, the DJ started playing music and after 10 minutes the boat stopped. They were letting us ride a jetski!! As you can imagine many people fell but it was fun. We continued sailing on the Balearic sea, Spiderman started dancing like crazy and then everyone joined him. After that all Latinos joined forces, started singing reggaeton, and of course all Europeans loved it and more drinks appeared somehow. When we were about 20Km away from the Formentera island, the boat stopped again and let everyone jump on the sea. It was awesome, it was like a movie but with no sharks and no one drowning.

  • Aqua bus ibiza party

We finally arrived to Formentera, and the water in the beach was just beautiful, crystal clear with different blue colors. It was only 2pm so we had a long day ahead, and decided to explore the island a bit and find a nice beach to relax. We walked about 20 min north and found a good spot, however, by this time 2 of our friends had disappeared. They did not have internet or cellular network so there was no way to call them, plus they were a little tipsy.

Some people went to look for them, while others took a nap and enjoyed the beach which is much more beautiful than the one in Ibiza. Couple hours passed and it was time to go back to the boat, but our friends were still missing. We had to tell the captain to wait some time until our friends show up, and he gave us 30 more minutes. 20 minutes passed and our friends finally arrived somehow from the other side of the island with 2 Italian girls. We got them on the boat and started the journey back to Ibiza.

  • Formentera Beach

We got our promised and much needed food, which was a huge Spanish sandwich/Bocadillo. And since there was nothing else to drink we continued with the sangria. When we were arriving to Ibiza, everyone was dancing, singing, jumping and then two bottles of Champagne appeared. Instead of drinking it, they used to take a Champagne shower just like in a music video. It was a great finale for the awesome boat trip and it was not even 6pm. Some people wanted to keep partying but if am not wrong we just ate some pizza and went to sleep early that day.

So next time you are in Ibiza make sure you take a boat trip to Formentera cause even if you don’t drink, jumping in the middle of the sea and exploring the island is a great adventure. We still had a few more days on Ibiza, so for the 5th day we went to the other side of the island called San Antony de Portmany or San Antonio. That is where the famous Cafe del Mar is and also where most UK people go. We took a cab in the morning ready for a new adventure… which will continue on Part III!

Written by EliecerTrillos