15 people, 3 apartments, and one week in Ibiza Part III

Continuing Part II…We arrived directly to Cafe del Mar which is an amazing historic bar by the ocean. We got some drinks, food, and hanged out for a few hours by the beach. This area is probably the best one in Ibiza to see the sunset! It is just astonishing and the chill music plus drinks make it perfect.

  • cafe del mar ibiza

Another cool thing about San Antonio is that you can walk pretty much everywhere, so once the night arrived we walked a few blocks and got to all the bars which are on the “West end” area on the Santa Agnes Street. This is where you start seeing lots of people from the UK. We went bar hopping and wandered around the small town. Part of the group got tired early so they took a cab and went back to the apartments. Some of us still wanted to explore more the nightlife so we kept walking until we found an underground bar.

  • san antonio ibiza west end

There were not many people in the bar but the few people there were dancing freestyle. Without thinking much we went to the dance floor, started moving as well, and joined the British people dancing in their particular style. Everything was going well, we were having a great time but then 2 of our friends were not in the bar anymore, so we left and started looking for them. We finally found them at random bar almost starting a fight with British guys so we just grab them and took a cab in the street to go back to the apartments.

On our 6th day, we just slept and relaxed on the beach to have energies for the night. As you should know, you can’t leave Ibiza without going to Pacha, it is one of the most emblematic nightclubs of the island. Tickets to enter were around 50 Euros at the time so we did some pregame/apergo/precopeo before going to the club. We took a bus to the club to save money, and arrived there around 1am.

  • pacha ibiza

The vibe, design, and dancers make Pacha an awesome place to have fun and party until sunrise, and that is exactly what we did. I remember we saw the sunrise from the second floor at the rhythm of electronic/house music, it was pretty cool. We left Pacha around 7am by bus and went to look for any place open to get some food.  

Since it was our last day in Ibiza, we slept just 4 hours, from 8am until noon and then went to the downtown. Not many people think about visiting the downtown when they go to Ibiza, but it is actually pretty nice and worth it. There are huge fortified walls, kind of like a castle, and inside of those you can walk around the old city. The views from there are also amazing! We spend 3 hours walking and exploring the downtown, went back to the apartments, packed everything and took a taxi to the airport. That was it, one week where we spent much more money than we expected, slept usually from 6am until noon, but had great adventures, experiences and memories that will last forever.

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We took the flight from Ibiza to Barcelona, stayed there one night, and then got another Ryanair cheap flight from Barcelona to Stockholm, Sweeden for only 40 Euros (we bought it 2 weeks in advance). This time it was 6 of us, landed on Stockholm with no place to stay and…

Written by EliecerTrillos