3 Things You Should Do Before Starting College or a Full Time Job

Whether you are starting undergrad/grad school, or a new job, these are things that will consume most of your time and in most cases limit your freedom. Once you start you will only have the weekends or holidays to travel or do whatever you want. That is why you should really take advantage of all the time you have before starting those. From my experience the following 3 points are what I would recommend anyone to do.

1. Spend time with your family

Family should always be your top or one of your top priorities. Nowadays most people go to college or get a job in a different city than where their family is. Even if you stay in the same city, once you start working/studying your time will be limited. Before starting grad school I went back to Colombia and spent almost 2 months with my family. These are the people who love you the most and who are going to support you all the time no matter what. So spending time with them is the best decision you can make. You will most likely not miss them or wish they were with you, as much, until you are actually far away from them. So do not think twice, go visit all your family and if possible make a trip with them.

2. Travel

If you are in university you will have max 2 free weeks per semester, or only 2-3 weeks per year if your working (not fun right?). And although you could plan to travel during your summer break, many things happen once you start school (like getting an internship or taking more classes) that will leave you with not much free time. Trust me, you will always be wishing you had more time to travel. So that is why I recommend you doing it before starting your degree or any job.

“Go explore the world, get lost in Asia, dance samba in Brazil, do a safari in Africa, surf in Hawaii, travel for 1, 2 or more months. This will not only give you a different sense of the world, but it will also give you experiences and relationships that will last forever”

Before starting grad school I traveled for 50 days in Europe, then before starting my full time job I backpacked for 40 days from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires. You definitely will not have 50 days to travel when you start working/studying so do not think too much about it and just go on an adventure now! Seriously, just go!

3. Start a side hustle

I believe that we all should be location and money independent and a job does not give you that. Once you start college or working, your mentality will change and you are probably going to be tired when you get home. You will not want to think about doing a business or a new venture. However, if you start a project/business and have a plan of action before embarking in a ‘9-5 life’ there are more chances that you will keep doing it. I started selling things, or creating webs/apps before grad school and although they were not successful, they gave me great experiences to succeed in college and my career. I will discuss more about side hustles in another article! 

The best times are when you are traveling with your family and you get ideas for a side hustle 🙂 So please remember and do these things before starting college or working as they will add tremendous value and experiences to your life.

Written by EliecerTrillos