How To Get A’s On Your Writing Classes!

It does not matter what major you choose, most likely you will be required to take an English/Writing class in college. During my undergrad I had to take 2 English writing classes and a professional writing class as part of my Master. Even though English is my second language I got an A on all of them. And you can do it as well by following these 3 points:

Write About Your Passions/Stories

When given the choice to write about any topic for your writing class, make sure you choose one related to your passions or experiences.

Many students think that by writing about current news or trends, the professor would be more interested and would give them a better grade. Although that may be true in some cases, most of the times you will have to research, learn and understand very well those topics so you can attempt to write a great paper.

If you do not love the topic then you may not put as much effort and readers will not notice the spark in your writing. However, when you write about something you really like, you will not need to spend as much time researching and learning about it since you are familiar with the topic already. Even if you have to do more research, you will be more interested and go the extra mile to complement your knowledge.

Most importantly it would be much easier to express your feelings, emotions and thoughts about something you love or about experiences you actually lived. And your professor and readers would definitely see that. I wrote many papers about my travel and entrepreneurship experiences because those are things that I love and I actually want to share with the world.  

Use Your College Writing Center

Most colleges have a writing center (usually by the library) where students can go and get advice plus a free review of their papers. I definitely recommend using these resources especially when writing your first papers.

The staff at the writing center can help you with the structure, grammar, and overall cohesion of your paper. After discussing and making all the corrections advised by them you will have a good idea about your chances of getting a perfect grade.

During my undergrad I used to write the first draft, review it on my own and then take it to the writing center to get feedback. Then I would correct the mistakes and review the paper one more time.

Do Not Procrastinate

A lot of students tend to leave everything for the last day, especially assignments or homework. However, if you really want to get an A in your writing class you should start writing at least 1 or 2 weeks before your papers are due.

If you do not allocate enough time for your writing then most likely you will not do enough research and you will not have time to review it. You will make simple structure or spelling errors just because you did not have time to go over your paper several times.

Additionally, it is recommended to write your first draft and leave it untouched for a few days as you may encounter new ideas or things that you want to include in your paper when your mind is free or not under pressure.

So if you want to have good changes of getting an A in a writing class remember to write about something you love, go to the writing center and do not procrastinate. Now go write something awesome 🙂

Written by EliecerTrillos