These are resources that goal hackers around the world have used to travel cheap and discover new places, get scholarships or career guidance, and of course to build awesome webs/apps for the whole world 🙂 Some are affiliate links so we may get compensated.

Robinhood: Get a free stock of a company like Apple, Ford or Sprint just for signing up and start earning passive income! This is a free app to buy and sell stocks without fees. We have been using it and we are getting dividends already.

Books: The 4-Hour Workweek – 
This book can change your mindset and life. The author,Tim Ferris, explains how he hacked the normal ‘9-5’ life to create businesses in auto-pilot while he travels around the world.
The Lean StartupIt explains why and how startups can build quick prototypes of their ideas to see if people would really pay for a product and do not waste time building something that nobody wants. Must read for starting entrepreneurs.

Tech: Bluehost Free domain and really cheap hosting for your website! They also have great customer support and easy integration with wordpress. This is what we used to build HackingYourGoals!

Sleep: Airbnb
Affordable and awesome places to sleep wherever you go. Sleep on a treehouse, boat, mansion, farm, or even a castle! Get 40$ through the link!
Couchsurfing – Sleep for free in other people’s couches, mattresses or if you are lucky your own room! Also you will meet people who love traveling and different cultures, you are going to have memorable times for free. Just do it. – I have compared the prices on this and other sites like Expedia, Booking and Priceline and they are pretty similar. The difference is that with you get 1 free night after you book 10 nights through this website! I already received 3 free nights 🙂

Booking: STA TravelGreat discounts on flights, hotels, and insurance for international students.
Momondo – Web that we use to find very cheap flights all over the world! just try it and you will see!

Books: The Promise of a Pencil
Will show you the importance of education, and the inspiring story of how one person has built 418 schools around the world to help students in poor regions. Must read for all social entrepreneurs as well!
Rich Dad Poor DadClassic book that explains why the education system is broken, how you can escape the rat race, and how you can build passive income so you can retire early and do not depend on a job. It will change your view of the future.